The book contains a brief summary of "Dandelion and Wishes" initiative, photos of artists who have participated in the event, and their dandelions, all collected by Mahnaz Karimi. The book is written in two languages: Persian and English and is ready for purchase. size: 22cm * 22cm  Extend: 133 pages To buy the book, email
2020/ 09 /18
The masterpiece “ Dandelion and Wishes ” is a collection of resin bowls and plates  inspired by the nature and dandelion seeds and created by Mahnaz Karimi. The light and transparent colors applied in this artwork are white, the color of dandelion, gray showing dimension and shades and gold reflecting the sunlight. In addition, each color symbolizes a concept. White is the color of peace; black represents simplicity, gray shows neutrality and gold which is the color of success and generosity. T...
2020/ 09 /14