The award winning design “Dandelion and Wishes” has been created by Mahnaz Karimi with the purpose of giving the message of happiness, peace and a world without war to all people in the world.

Art has the power to change the world and artists can create artworks to implement change, and change the wider world for the better, the designer decided to invite resin artists and art lovers from all nations to join her in this way and create 205 resin plates (the number of countries in the world),to be donated to UNESCO on September 21 and let the voice of peace reach the whole world. Now she is so proud to announce that the initiative has been welcomed warmly by artists and designers from all over the world, more than 500 dandelions have been created by artists from all over the world and the project is passing its final stages for donation.

The World Wide Dandelion Initiative
Date: 2020/ 07 /30 | View:385