World Art Dubai 2022 


It has been a great pleasure exhibiting my artworks at the region’s largest art fair. World Art Dubai 2022 has been a wonderful event which brings together world’s artists and art talents in one place and encourages inspired thinking through a collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, street and digital art featuring an inaugural NFT platform.



About AL Murabba Certificate Content


I was honored to be selected by Al Murabba curating committee to exhibit the new series of my Unique Edition artworks at Al Murabba Arts Festival, Ajman 28 October- 6 November 2021 and received this Certificate of Appreciation toward my participation. Titled, "Inspired by Yesterday to Imagine Tomorrow", the Al Murabba Arts Festival features the legacy of human civilization in the Emirates, and constitute a title for the Emirate's heritage sites and cultural and artistic activities.



About World Design Rankings


On July 29, 2020, I was ranked #114 among all designers in Iran who have competed in the international A’ design Award & Competition. The WDR – World Design Rankings ranks the very best, award winning designers and brands in all countries in order to highlight and determine the top creatives from across the globe. The WDR rankings system has become an important reference when discussing about design potentials of countries worldwide.


About World Art Dubai


I was honored to have the opportunity to exhibit my unique edition artworks in World Art Dubai, 7-10 April 2021 and received this certificate of appreciation towards my participation.

The Seventh edition of World Art Dubai welcomed a record-breaking number of art lovers, new and established collectors, galleries, solo artists, partners and sponsors. It presented the best opportunity to explore exciting new world of affordable art and discover new perspectives in creativity.


About Hebei International Industrial Design Week


My Bronze A’ Design Award winning design “Dandelion and Wishes” Wall Art Décor was selected to be exhibited at Hebei International Industrial Design Week in Rongcheng Civil Sports Center between 17th and 23rd September 2020 at Xiongan New Area Hebei China.

Hebei International Industrial Design Week was an international, curated design exhibition showcasing the very best designs from across the globe..


About World Leading Designers

I was ranked #131 from the top, among all designers who have competed in the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award in the last 13 years, organized by the A’ design Award & Competition.

The DAC – Design Classification system ranks only the very best, award winning designers and brands in sector specific design award categories in order to highlight the top creatives in a given design field.


About A’ Design Award & Competition

A’ Design Award & Competition is the World’s largest and most influential design accolade, open to participation of good design work from all countries, in all disciplines, by all entries. Entries to A’ Design Award & Competition are blind peer-review and voted on pre-established criteria by a grand jury panel of established academics, influential press members, prominent entrepreneurs and experienced designers, to recognize, highlight, promote and advertise the very best designs worldwide.

The ultimate aim of A’ Design Award & Competition is to create incentives for designers, brands and businesses worldwide to come up with superior products, projects, services, materials, technologies and experiences that benefit and advance society.


About The Bronze A’ Design Award

The Bronze A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top %10 percentile designs that have demonstrated an extremely high level of excellence in design. Entries to the A’ Design Award are judged by a grand jury panel that brings together World’s leading professionals, prominent academics and influential press members. Rankings are based on blind peer-review process where entries are voted anonymously on pre-established evaluation criteria, with strict presentation guidelines and score nominalization to remove biases. The ultimate aim of A’ Design is to create a global awareness and appreciation for good design by featuring and promoting good design worldwide.