Mahnaz was truly honored and delighted to have been selected to display two of her unique Edition artworks at DIFC Art Nights. The artworks she presented were “The burnt City Mirror” and “Flying Carpet” from her new series of carpet collection where she focuses on themes of “Past and Cultural Heritage”. 

Her works entwine elements from ancient Middle Eastern culture curated with in “Burnt City Mirror”, Mahnaz Karimi deftly renders Sistani fabrics with enlarged mirrors and resin symbolizing the meshing together of the past and present and paying homage to traditional arts of embroidering-mirror and hand-woven carpet common in the Burnt City in Persia.

 In “One Thousand and One Nights”, the combination of carpet fabrics and paints along with the fluid soul of art conveys the sense of flying perceived from the “Flying Carpet” tale appearing in the Arabian “One Thousand and One Nights”.

This amazing event under the DIFC gate village has featured 30 talented artists from across the globe, showcasing thought-provoking and creative art pieces best selected by the curator Giuseppe Moscatello. There was a festive atmosphere filled with innovation and creativity and an exciting fusion of art, culture and entertainment. 


Mahnaz Karimi’s artworks display at DIFC Art Nights
Date: 2022/ 01 /03 | View:5