Mahnaz Karimi is a multi-award-winning artist who works in the realms of contemporary art, fine art, and installation art. She was born in the Iranian capital of Tehran in 1984. Her passion for drawing began in her adolescent years and blossomed when she decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Graphics at Alzahra University in Tehran, Iran. 

She has mastered the techniques and chemistry of her medium, allowing her to further enhance and expand the process. She has managed to incorporate a variety of artistic techniques while also expressing her issues in a variety of forms and materials. Nature, peace, passion, and connecting the past and present are all notions and storylines that run through all of her works of art.
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Installation Art by Mahnaz Karimi, Magzoid Magazine, The April 2022 Edition
Date: 2022/ 04 /27 | View:1