A long advocate for Digital art, World Art Dubai 2022 has featured NFT Art for the first time. Mahnaz Karimi has displayed her first NFT collection at WAD Next. The artist’s “Photo Resin” collection includes four artworks attempting to evoke emotions and feeling through playing with colors.
Photo Resin Art attempts to create beauty through depicting the stories, untold facts, hidden beauties and dreams of women in photos. Hence, the pouring and designs on the faces indicate the hidden worlds they have. Also, the sense of fluidity along with the unpredictable nature of resin in conflation with the stillness of photo creates a pleasant ambivalence. A pure sense between fluidity and quiescency.
The NFTs have been minted and are available to purchase on Opensea.

Mahnaz Karimi’s NFT collection display at World Art Dubai 2022
Date: 2022/ 04 /27 | View:1