Mahnaz Karimi has exhibited her unique edition artworks in the 8th edition of World Art Dubai. In her new series of artworks, she focuses on the concepts of “Nature, Spring and Change” and attempts to share the viewers’ perception of the artworks in the design and installation of her art. 

The artist has used resin as a medium to express her thoughts and concerns and to create aesthetically pleasing artworks. The sense of fluidity along with the unpredictable nature of resin gives her the opportunity to explore varied textures found in nature more realistically than any other medium

Mahnaz Karimi’s new series of artworks can be interpreted both through the artist’s perception of art or through the viewers’ understanding of her art. The viewers can approach her art differently and from different perspectives. This is what the artist attempts to convey in her new series of artworks. 

The artworks can be installed in various forms and each form of installation can convey meanings and concepts. Hence, the viewer is part of this art as she/he can involve her/his own perceived understanding and meaning of the work and install it in different forms to better convey the concept. 



Mahnaz karimi’s “Spring” Collection at World Art Dubai 2022
Date: 2022/ 04 /11 | View:3