The masterpiece “Dandelion and Wishes” is a collection of resin bowls and plates  inspired by the nature and dandelion seeds and created by Mahnaz Karimi. The light and transparent colors applied in this artwork are white, the color of dandelion, gray showing dimension and shades and gold reflecting the sunlight. In addition, each color symbolizes a concept. White is the color of peace; black represents simplicity, gray shows neutrality and gold which is the color of success and generosity. The way the pieces are installed on the wall can best depict the sense of floating, flying and freedom, which are the unique attributes of dandelions. This artwork is a combination of spectacular features of sculpture and painting, since it has volume and dimension featured in statues as well as texture and color variations that can be seen in paintings.

The wall art design "Dandelion and Wishes" has been granted the Bronze A' Design Award at Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Competition in 2019-2020. Mahnaz Karimi's purpose of creating this artwork was to send the message of peace and friendship to the world. Dandelion, which is an element of nature, symbolizes happiness and the best message of happiness to the world is peace, friendship and a world without war. Therefore, Mahnaz Karimi decided to donate the whole collection as a wall art to UNESCO on September 21 (The International Day of Peace) when the dandelions reach number 205 (the number of countries in the world).

Since art has the power to change the world and artists can create artworks to implement change, and change the wider world for the better, Mahnaz Karimi  invited all resin artists from all over the world to join her in this event, create beautiful dandelions and let the voice of peace reach the whole world. The initiative was welcomed warmly by artists and designers from all over the world and the dandelions created were more than expected. Therefore, She decided to display and sell most of the dandelions in a charity exhibition with the help and support of Shirin Gallery in Tehran. The money raised will be spent on building a school in one of deprived areas of Iran. UNESCO donation items include “Dandelion and Wishes” book (containing photos of dandelions and their creators), details of artworks sales, reports of school construction procedure and a symbolic collection of dandelions. Additional information will be shared on

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