Angel Number 1515

300x400 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


This artwork is considered a repetition art. The circles are repeated to number 1515. The artist has selected this number to show that our spirit is always open to new opportunities and ideas. Number 1515 is the symbol of new beginnings and opportunities. This number has the power to change our world. Our guardian angels send us this number to tell us that time for changes has come. This number helps us to start new projects in our life. 
This number is a stimulator to give us the courage to start new projects and to apply new changes. By having this number, a creative character will rise in our consciousness. 
This collection can be installed in various forms and based on the buyer’s taste and perception of the artwork. Hence, the buyer is part of this art as she/he can involve her/his own perceived understanding and meaning of the work and install it in different forms to better convey the concept. The colors can be installed in different shades and tones and the number of circles can vary according to your special number. By the way, what is your special number?