Hara Forest

250x120 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


“Hara Forest” is a collection of resin pieces representing Mangrove forests. The Hara Forests is the common name for mangrove forests on the Iranian island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf. Hara tree is the symbol of Strength, Support, resistance, patience and tolerance. Hara Forests remind us of our inner strength and courage during times of struggle and upheaval. They signal our ability to remain stable and calm in the presence of adversity by “shoring up” our resources as the roots of mangrove trees act as a targeted filter. These roots allow their distilled water to pass through and prevent salt from entering the plant. 
There are root patterns in the collection to show the nature of Hara roots as they rise from the mud, sand and water like long and sturdy fingers that support the trees against the battering of the sea and changing tide. The blue and red shades used in this collection represent the pale red flowers and the clear blue-green.
About Hara Tree
Hara is a plant of the Verbenaceae plant family. The seed of Hara (Mangrove) grows on the mother tree and gives birth to seedlings. Then, the seed detaches from the tree and falls into the marsh. The mangrove forest forms on the sea and saltwater and this adaptation to the saltwater and hard conditions have made Mangroves exceptional plants. Mangroves exist to support coastal shorelines by taking the brunt force of tidal waves, hurricanes and tsunamis. They disperse this potentially destructive energy through their elaborate and exposed root system. They thrive along coastlines that are inundated by salt water.