Eyes and Colors

200cm diameter

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


“Eyes and Colors” is a collection of seventy resin pieces having human eye textures and depicting one’s eyes iris. These painted eyes represent the filters we have to monitor the world around. 
Every single one us views the world in our own unique way and through our own lenses and filters. The filters that cause us to instinctively recognize the world and its beauties and realities. Each colored piece represents a filter and has a concept and meaning behind. If you see the world through the blue filter, then you will see more loyalty, freedom and wisdom or the red filter represents love, passion and courage. The artist attempts to collect all filters, lenses and colors together to create an artwork that is both aesthetically beautiful and to suggest that seeing the world through the combination of all filters and colors will make the world a better place to live, to see both anger, passion, peace, optimism, etc.
This collection can be installed in various forms and based on the buyer’s taste and perception of the artwork. Hence, the buyer is part of this art as she/he can involve her/his own perceived understanding and meaning of the work and install it in different forms to better convey the concept.