160x100 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


The mermaid of the Pacific Ocean
Seeking a love every day
To charm the land men
She decorates her hair with sea shells and star fish
And make up her lips with red corals
Every morning
Hoping to find eternal love
She raises her head above the waves
Brings the land men gifts from the deep ocean
Tells them stories of future
Falls in love with them
The Mermaid
Takes a man deep to the ocean 
To start a life
Regrets that shortly after
Her love does not smile or move any more
Sinks in the depth of the sea solitarily or floats on the surface
Not hearing the mermaid’s laments 
And the mermaid is alone again in grief
What the ocean truly has in it 
That makes her lovers leave her in despair and solitary