One Thousand and One Nights

150x100 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


In her “Flying Carpet” collection, Mahnaz Karimi attempts to focus on themes of “past and tradition”. There are values and concepts hidden in folk tales and historical stories. By retelling them through art, she tries to regenerate and revitalize these forgotten senses. The combination of carpets and paints along with the fluid soul of art conveys the sense of flying and flowing which can be perceived from the “Flying Carpet” tales.
Most carpets are just floor coverings, some are valuable works of art and a rare few are the stuff of my myth and legend. They fly or they represent ancient magical jewels. To sum it up, they’re magical. Whilst magic carpets are perhaps most commonly associated with the stories found in the “Thousand and One Nights”, they have also been mentioned in the writings of different civilizations at various points of time in history.