Queen of Sheba

110x70 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


Taking the artistic responsibility to preserve the ancient tales that are almost disappearing and replaced according to the modern requirements of the current era, with her new series of artworks, Mahnaz hopes to connect the past and the present, offering a chance for today’s generation to understand the ancient tales, stories and myths. 
The legendary Queen of Sheba had a royal alchemist who managed to make a small brown rug hover above the ground. Years later, the alchemist perfected his skill, when he discovered that the trick lay in the carpet's dying, rather than in its spinning process. When the queen heard this good news, she had a magic carpet made, and sent to King Solomon as a token of her love .From that day on, the flying carpet became known as a symbol and ambassador of love in the universe. 
The artist tries to combine unique techniques and expertise to create the artwork which spreads love among the hearts all over the world like the flying carpet and is a messenger of love to all human beings. 
In addition, Carpet is the most famous work of art in Eastern world which is rooted in culture and have civilization. It is familiar with the most natural human emotions and beliefs. The combination of carpets and paints along with the fluid soul of resin art conveys the sense of flying and flowing which can be perceived from the "Flying Carpet" tales.