Dance of Parnian/ Second Edition

150x250 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


‘Dance of Parnian’ is a beautifully detailed abstract installation comprised of individual multi-layered resin bowls that collectively create a truly original work of art. Each of the pieces has its own unique character, attempting to depict the silk texture moving and flying in the blowing air wind. Each piece evolved through the spontaneity of pouring ink. The layering of transparent colors blends together to create unexpected tones and patterns.
Taking inspiration from the rich history of Persia, the colors blue and turquoise are Symbol of heaven, greatness, glory, mysticism, peace.
Parnian is also a Persian name for girls featuring softness and beauty. The artist tries to depict the softness and lightness of Persian-origin Parnian silk dancing in the air by using alcohol ink colors in shades of blue, turquoise, navy and ocean blue which enables her to create amazingly beautiful color shades, free flowing textures, soft flowing forms and fluid shapes arising by the nature of ink flow itself. In addition, the boundless blue evocates the vast and infinite sky, encouraging us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking. 
The pieces are round shape to convey the sense of flowing and facilitate the fluidity of design. Also, some of the bowls are formed and curved to further enhance their flowing artistic shape with gentle curves giving the whole collection the sense of spin and fluidity. Also, the glass-like surface, which is the result of final resin coating, gives better shine and light reflection to the work.