Wild Poppies

200x100 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


"Wild Poppies" is a beautifully abstract installation comprised of resin pieces in shades of white, gold, gray and red representing wild poppies. Each of the pieces has its own unique textures and effects evolving through the spontaneity of pouring resin and attempting to depict the beauties of wild poppies. The transparent colors blend together to create unexpected tones and patterns. The sunlight reflection on the pieces and the gold sparkles give more warmth and beauty to the space.  
Nature's powerful beauty and majestic splendor have been a source of inspiration for Mahnaz Karimi. Her artistic production is strongly influenced by poppy flowers in this artwork.  There are some shared meanings applied to poppies but the most important meaning the artist had in mind is imagination. As the poppy has the power to change your state of consciousness, it is also a symbol of imagination. Too often, as adults, we get caught up in the realities of life management and getting through the day. The poppy is a reminder to that imagination is the key to making life more wonderful