Fly in the Ocean

120x200 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


The wall art "Fly in the ocean" is a collection of resin bowls depicting the supernatural power of butterflies. 

The artist attempts to show this power by placing butterflies among blue hue pieces representing the ocean and their power to fly even in the ocean. the medium used is resin which has the characteristic of showing fluid textures when combined with paints and pigments. This fluidity conveys the sense of flying, floating and freedom. The colors utilized are ocean blue, blue, dark blue, turquoise, white and silver to better depict the ocean background of the work. Also, the butterflies are in blue shades to show that although they are surrounded by water un the ocean, they have the power to fly and save their life.  

This artwork is available, so in order to purchase or order in your favorite color or size, please contact us.