Dandelion and Wishes

300x150 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


A ‘Design Award Winner

Mahnaz Karimi has received the Bronze A’ design award 2020 in Arts, Crafts and Ready-made Design Category in 2019-2020 period with her wall art design “Dandelion and Wishes”.

About Dandelion and Wishes

The wall art décor “Dandelion and Wishes” is a collection of Resin plates inspired by the nature and dandelion seeds. It has always been Mahnaz’s concern to make an artwork which makes the audience contemplate besides creating beauty in art, to spark the idea of idealism (Utopia) in their' mind in the modern world. Dandelion, which is an element of nature, symbolizes happiness for children and the best message of happiness for children is a world without war.

The artwork is a mixture of the unique features of two arts; sculpture and painting, since it has the volume and dimension featured in statues as well as texture and color combinations, which can be seen in paintings. The light and transparent colors applied in this artwork are white, the color of dandelion, gray, showing dimension and shades and gold to reflect the sunlight.

In addition, the way the pieces are installed on the wall can best depict the sense of floating, flying and freedom, which are the unique features of dandelions.

The project started in December 2019 in Tehran. It took each piece 24 hours to be completely dry; therefore, the whole collection was completed in January 2020.

The pieces are 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm in diameter. The size of the whole collection is varied depending on the number of pieces installed. "Dandelion and Wishes" is 3 m X 1.5 m.

About A’ Design Award & Competition

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About The Bronze A’ Design Award

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