Resin Wooden Box-Corporate Gift

12*18 cm

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


 The resin painted storage box in various colors and shades is decorated using agate stones and resin crystals. This elegant box is a wonderful gift for your friend and family, clients, employees or your boss over the holidays. 

Size: 12*18cm

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This resin wooden box is great for display and storage of jewelry and small objects and will make a great addition for any desk, console or dresser.  Each box is unique in its own way since colors, textures and effects vary.
The box is approximately 12cm x 18cm - making it perfect for keeping small items in.
We can engrave the front or/and the back of the box with your text. Please note that the ox dimension is small, so we can engrave a limited number of character

Price: 60$