Resin Beach Painting- Corporate Gift

30cm diameter

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


These 3D resin beachscapes with glossy surfaces are elegant and eloquent artistic gifts to impress everyone who loves the seaside! A wonderful gift for your friend and family, clients, employees or your boss over the holidays. 

Size: 30cm diameter

Frame: 40*40 cm

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Every painting is uniquely painted and designed with great care and is named after great lakes, seas and beaches in the world. Having identification and names make these artworks more valuable and memorable. In addition, what makes these artworks more unique is the possibility of engraving or writing your name or your company name or your message on the paintings. 
Multiple layers of translucent high quality resin create a realistic stunning beachscape that would stand out on any wall and will bring sunshine to any home! The artworks also contain real sand, shells and sea accessories.
Mahnaz karimi's inspiration has been the sea, the beach and their sense of calmness and peace and she attempts to give viewers a glimpse of nature. the beachscapes are mounted onto wood frames with ready-to-hang slots on the back to accommodate easy hanging and display. These artworks can be ordered in any sizes, shapes and numbers. You can also choose your own frame in any color. 
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Price: 100$