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Wooden slabs with ocean waves

Side Table - Serving Boards

brand : Mahnaz Karimi


A few touches of natural wood can work well with any home decorating style. 
Wood that has natural edge left uncut has become more and more popular in home décor. 
This amazing combination of layered ocean resin art with wooden slabs would bring natural beauty to your home. 
The slabs are adorned with swirling blues and incredible textures that recall the ocean waves crashing onto the shore and sea foams. These pieces will make you feel as though you were really in the nature.
These amazing pieces can come as side tables, benches or serving boards.

The woods are covered with a hard-wax oil which gives them a low-gloss finish and protects them from spills. 

The slabs can be ordered in your desired shapes and sizes. Also, they can be painted and designed in various colors to go beautifully with your home décor style.