Resin classes

I love to share my resin knowledge and experience with art lovers. With over six years’ experience of resin painting, fluid art and acrylic painting, I will take you through the basics of using resin and inspire you with different techniques to help you create unique resin pieces.

All my classes are ONLINE until further notice due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. These classes are held both privately and in groups and can be both in English and Farsi.

1- Resin Basic Class

If you want to start making your own resin projects, then this class is the perfect place to come and learn the basics. You will learn the following techniques:

Beach (Sea) Technique

Geode Art

Alcohol Ink (Galaxy, Eye, Watercolor)

Fluid Art

Marble Technique

2- Resin Advanced Class

If you have already taken Resin basic classes, then it is time to go more in depth into resin secrets and advanced techniques. You will learn the following techniques in this class:

Deformed plates

Raised Resin

Advanced Geode on statues or wood slabs

Snake-like Texture Technique

To get more information about the classes and the fees,
email me at

mahnaz karimi